In Memory of My Loving Dad Kenneth Stutts Jr. 8/1951 to 6/2021


     One year. So much can change in a year. The one thing that doesn’t change is the level of grief after losing a parent. It doesn’t get easier. We get stronger, but the level of grief remains constant. It is still impossible to breathe, to accept the loss, to move on.

     Daddy, you have always been my hero. You were my first love, my teacher, the man that showed me how a man should treat his wife, what love looked like. You taught me what family was and what it should be. You taught me how to hunt, how to fish, how to survive. I was Daddy’s Girl. Losing you took part of my soul. My only light in this realm of dark is knowing that one day my soul will be whole again. It will be whole again when I get to where you are and get to hug your neck. I love you daddy and I miss you every second of every day.



Your Baby Girl, Kathy